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IELTS Rio Test

Get Ready for the IELTS Rio Test

The IELTS Rio Test is part of the International English Language Testing System. These tests are used to measure one's aptitude for the English language. Universities throughout the English-speaking world use these tests as entrance requirements. At Pegas Prep, our expert instructors can get you ready for your IELTS exam.

Here’s how our instructors get you ready for your IELTS Rio Test.

This test is either computer-based or written, you can select your option ahead of time, and we can get you prepared for the exam you chose.

During the exam, you’ll be asked to complete four different sections. Each of these measures a different aspect of your English abilities. We get you ready for each section.

Our instructors get you prepared for the listening section. This is the first part of the test and includes 40 listening questions. During the test, you will only get to listen to each question once. This stage should take only 30 minutes.

We also prepare you for the reading section which includes 30 questions divided between three different articles. You’ll have about an hour for this section.

The writing section consists of two parts that we will get you ready for. You will have to write a graph, map, or diagram. You will then need to write an essay in English.

The final stage is a 15-minute interview, in English, with an English-speaking instructor. We’ll get you ready for this section, too!

No matter what your concerns are, our experienced tutors can help make sure you are ready for your IELTS exam.

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